Saturday, 31 October 2009

FAQ about UBD Charity Gala Dinner

FAQ about Gala Night
1. Can I bring my spouse/family/friends?
Yes. It is for a good cause that we encourage you to bring as many people as you like to buy the tickets and enjoy the dinner.
2. What is the difference between $50 and $30 ticket?
Not much difference but the table of $50 ticket will be at the front row.
3. What should I wear?As long as you wear your mask but please dress appropriately. Please do not hesitate to ask if you still in doubt.
4. Where can I get the tickets?Tickets are now available at admin foyer(where you can get your graduation gown), library and any booth all over the UBD campus. We will also be setting up booth at the mall during the weekend. You can also get the tickets from your respective faculty AR.

UBD Charity Gala Dinner

UBD Charity Gala Dinner - Theme: "Masquerade Glam"
Host: Universiti Brunei Darusalam's 21st Convocation 2009
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Location: Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club

In conjunction with the 21st Convocation Festival, UBD will be organising a Charity Dinner in support of the Humanitarian Fund for Disaster victims. Ticket prices are $30 and $50 per person and all proceeds will be donated 100% towards the cause.

Performances for the night include the Finale of the UBD's Got Talent Competition, performances by Hans Anwar, Joe M, Puteri, Hill and many more!

Tickets are available from the UBD Campus and the Mall, Gadong.
Please call 2463001 ext 2090, 2303, 1175 and 1315 for more information.
Please come and support the cause. Thank you.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Crossed The Finish Line But Nowhere Near $2K

It was a tough race last Wednesday. 28 teams took part with $2K up for grabs. Yet, Team RESCO To The Rescue only managed to become the 11th team to reach the finishing point, taking 1 hour and 33 minutes in process. Nevertheless it's worth the effort. We tried our best. UBD's Amazing Race 2009 is sure a race to remember. Good job team and organizers!
Picture courtesy of Hj Afiq.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

UBD's Amazing Race 2009 RESCO Team

picture courtesy of PMUBD
Aziz, Eqah, Pinky and Syaza (me) made up the RESCO unofficial team for the UBD's Amazing Race that will be held this coming Wednesday, 28th October 2009. We are going to put on the RESCO polo shirt and use the name RESCO itself as the name of the team. Having said that, we hope you guys to wish us the best of luck for this race.

2 in 1 Belated Birthday Shoutout

A belated birthday shoutout goes to Khairi Abdul Halim who turned 21 last 23rd October. A very quite boy, we do hope that by earning your experience as a RESCO member, you may one day improve your communication skills and find it easier for you to interact with people. Best of luck in everything you involve yourself in Khairi.

Ketua Blok M3
And to our Ketua Biro Ekonomi Bersama Siswi, Mimie Suhaimi (pictured below), that celebrated her birthday on the 20th October. Sorry to find yourself busy during your birthday. A dedicated and trustworthy colleague, it's good to have someone like you to make the team. Currently preoccupied with the Gala Night preparation, we hope with your involvement, it will be a huge success.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Raya with RESCO. It's A Wrap!

Last Wednesday, 14th October 2009, RESCO organised an open house raya celebration, taking place at Dewan Asrama Perempuan, Kolej Kediaman Siswi. The turnout was unbelievable. Judging by the number of attendance that we received, it can be considered a success compared to last year's. Thanks to those who made an effort to come down to RESCO's raya open house celebration and made this event a huge success.

In our effort to make the simple event a happening one, we organised various quizzes as well as lucky draws with many prizes to be won for the audience to take part in and the response that we received was very very encouraging.
Among the things that RESCO held during the evening was the 'scratch and win' competition whereby there were 2 $5 Easi and 2 $5 recharge cards to be won. Those who can put in the recharge card numbers and recharge the fastest, well, of course, gets his/her account recharged.
The highlight of the evening, Zulkamal won the male's best dress award. Congrats Zul!
More pictures? Macam biasa, ask E-jat or Syaza.

It's makan time! Dr Hj Ramli Hj Tingkong (second left), our guest of honor for the evening.

First time meliat camera ka Piz? Kay! Get your own drink, will ya?

Raya celebration is more meaningful if celebrated along with various ethnics and races =) thanks for attending.

Some even made efforts to dress really nicely for the simple event. It's people like you that really put colors to the event! Thank you.

RESCO would once again like to thanks all those who are directly and indirectly involved in making this event a huge success. Hope to see you again in a similar event next year! Andai ada kekurangan atau salah silap pada malam itu, kami memohon seribu kemaafan. Yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah, yang buruk itu datangnya dari kita sendiri jua.

Big Belated Birthday Shoutout!

This belated birthday wish goes to Diyana Ambong, our F1 block captain. Happy 22nd birthday Dian! Your high dedication towards RESCO is tremendous and will always be appreciated for years to come.
Dian. Celebrated her 22nd birthday on the 15th October 2009, marked with fire crackers and E-jat tegugur ke lungkang. Hope you had a blast Dian!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Happy Birthday Ma'am!

Name: Analisa Amu
Position: co-President of Residential College Organization
It's 11th October and it's your birthday!! Happy 22nd birthday to our beloved Analisa Amu. Wishing you best of luck in your studies and the remaining days of your tenure as an MPP member. It's always been an honour to work along with you/under your direction.

RESCO Raya Roadtrip Concluded In Tutong

Finally, RESCO raya roadtrip is over, sadly though. It has been a great raya fun with these bunch of cool people. Some 18 RESCO members turned up and joined in the crew for Tutong roadtrip. Before, we went for raya in Tutong, however, we singgah sekajap at Zulkamal's place di Kg. Ayer. Apa nama kampung nya lagi tu Zul??
What's interesting about beraya di Kg. Ayer is we have the chance to experience a boat ride. Bagi orang darat, ni bukan nya peluang yang selalu ada. Nya orang putih, a chance not to be missed. I gotta say, I love the breeze that hit my face everytime the boat cruises with speed.
Anyway, the houses that we visited that day are as follows: Zulkamal's, Mizah's, Himahafizah's, Juen's, Arina's, Rysah's and last but not least, Aya's ( I didn't miss any names did I?). All but Aya, had open houses. Jangan ucap inda kanyang.
Here are some of the pictures during the day. For more of the pictures, ask E-jat or Syaza.
At Zulkamal's before moving on to the next destination

Ko ganya tau tu apa yang ko buat atu Jis.

Time the guys sembahyang Jumaat. The ladies did lotsa things of their own, including.........

Hilmi punya cover album baru. Dapatkan di pasaran sekarang.

I like this picture. It's perfect. This was at Juen's by the way.
With regards, Syaza Syazwan.

Yet Another 21 Club Member

Last Friday, 9th November 2009, RESCO celebrated Hamizah binti Julaihi, our vice-president's 21st birthday. The surprise celebration took place at her own house without her knowing much about it in the first place. Let the pictures do the talking of the brief event.
Mizah (yang menutup mulut nya ah), got so surprised, she bursted into tears. Laki-laki baju purple senyum-senyum atu si Azhar. Puas ati nya surprise plan nya success ah.

Orang kan happy-happy, ia tangis-tangis tia pulang.

Mizah and Azhar begambar with Mizah's birthday gift yang si laki-laki bagi. Guess what? Nama patung nya si Yuri. Pandai you pilih Azhar.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oktober Fest For Juen!

Our birthday man for the month of October, Hj Muhd Zuwaini bin Hj Aliyani, a.k.a Juen.
Position: M4 block captain

A really crafty guy. Always gives a 100% commitment when required and loves to work under pressure. RESCO is a team of dedicated and selected people and you just happen to be one of us and we're proud of you. Good luck in everything that you engaged yourself in.

RESCO Raya Roadtrip: Destination KB

Second day of our raya roadtrip went just great, just as planned. In fact, we finished off earlier than expected. Houses that we went to are as follows: Eqah's, Azrina's, laki-laki nya sembahyang Jumaat sekajap, Azhar's, Syaza's (me), Bakrin's, Efna's, Amoy's and last but not least, Aziz's.
Of course, before heading to KB, we paid our due to Maya by visiting her place first. As for the rest, let the pictures do the talking. For more of the pics, ask Syaza or E-jat. Pictures also will be posted here upon request.
At Bakrin's. A candid taken by E-jat, which somehow, I find it beautiful. Warden, buleh ni udah di jadi kan gambar easi kad $100.

A group photo at Maya's.

Pinky looking pretty in.....maroon? Oh well *wink* This was at Azrina's by the way, prior to Jumaat prayer.

Hilmi, although educated, somewhat find it hard to distinguish the differences between a microphone and an electric fan.

Blindfolded and sing:
Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga
Siang ngantuk malam berjaga
Cari cucu di mana ada
Nenek ku kawan dengan anak raja
OK, aku pilih yang atu. Tuu..

DID YOU KNOW? All the 8 houses yang kami aga di KB semua nya open house! Semua orang kekanyangan berabis!
p/s: banar nya ku kan buat opinion poll "the best RESCO Raya Couple" tapi gerenti sudah si Azhar sama si Mizah manang kan. Jangan marah~ :p beibun~

RESCO Raya Roadtrip: Brunei Muara Series

Memang sudah tradisi RESCO time aidilfitri. Memperuntukkan certain hari untuk beraya ke rumah-rumah ahli-ahli nya. 1st November 2009, Khamis pukul 8 malam, kami beraya ke rumah-rumah ahli RESCO yang tinggal di kawasan Brunei Muara mana-mana yang sampat atu. First destination, Pinky's house. We were asked to stay hungry by the tuan rumah the day earlier supaya kami buleh makan banyak-banyak di rumah nya. Dangar nya, ia ada masak.
Wall photo of Pinky at her house, our first destination of the evening.

Perut sudah kenyang, hati ada banyak senang, muka ada banyak senyum.

That evening, hujan turun dengan lebatnya. Memang mencabar. Among other problems we faced were kereta si Hilmi masuk lungkang dapan rumah si Ejat, putus convoy sekajap (ani biasa la) and lag a bit behind schedule. But overall, the trip was ok.

Sesi bergambar beramai di rumah E-jat.

Final destination (macam thriller seram ja bunyi nya) of the evening, Hilmi & Hilman's house.
The initial plan too was to visit Maya's place at Sg. Akar but time wasn't on our side. Highlight of malam atu was the girls sampai hostel ngam-ngaaaaam pukul 11 thanks largely to the heroic attempt by the guys to become Brunei's first F1 drivers.

Credits to E-jat for the pics. For more of them, please do ask for the pictures from Ejat or Syaza. Thank you.