Thursday, 17 December 2009

Making a way for the New Blood

On Saturday, 12th December 2009, the Appreciation of RESCO 08/09 and Appointment of RESCO 09/10 event was held at the Female Residential Hall. The Guest of Honor on that day was Puan Zalinawati binti Hj. Mohaimin, Assistant Registrar of Students'
Affairs Section University Brunei Darussalam.

After the Chairwoman of RESCO 08/09, Dyg. Analisa Amu, delivered her opening remarks, the Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the RESCO members of 08/09 Session. And shortly after that, the Certificates of Appointment were given out to the RESCO members of 09/10 Session.

Following after that, the Chairman of RESCO 09/10, Ak. Abdul Aziz bin Pg. Hj. Azahari, gave a brief speech.

The Chairman of RESCO 09/10

The Ladies of RESCO 08/09

The New Family Members

Happy faces after receiving the certificates

The Ladies with Puan Rainon

Hilmi & Hilman goofing around, again.

RESCO 09/10 having a brief meeting

The New Family - RESCO 09/10

We, RESCO 08/09, would like to welcome the RESCO 09/10 members with great BIG hug. All the best guys!

All those happiness, sadness and tiredness we've been working together, it will always be remembered especially the HAPPY MOMENTS. :')

Love from all of us;

RESCO 08/09 Session.