Sunday, 29 January 2012

20 January 2012 - RESCO Office Renovation

A new layout for the RESCO Office was made, and we all worked it out on a Friday starting at 9 in the morning. There were some trills and charge before we started off. Here are some pictures to show what we've done :)

This dude here is named Rusydi.

I'm still wondering what everyone is looking at.

Yes we cleaned the windows too, okay?


Super old documents? That's gotta go.


Look at all those stuffs from the store fillin' up the Reading Room.

See, even girls can do the job ;)

Ignore that girl laughing alone at the back.

A random mysterious red rose from a mysterious fella.

Smile for the camera Ching!

I'm sure that monitor weighs over a thousand pounds. I mean, look at his face!! 

Another fella smiling for the camera :D

Awwh look at how smart the boys are. They're geniuses!

Feelin' the love.

Wow. He can actually find the time to sleep.

Lunch together at 11am. What were we eating? Oh just the usual -  buffet :|

We also got donuts!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!! (Thanks Mu'ammar)

I see he's enjoyin' the first few pages.

I don't know who won. But they put A LOT of energy into it.

Well, well, well. Look who's tired.

How 'bout some sofas ey?

Group photo! Some of the guys who helped earlier left. DON'T THEY LOOK CUTE :}

I present to you, the ladies! Who run the world, GIRLS

Mu'ammar, as much as you love vacuuming, I think you have to stop.

End result.   

I would like to thank everyone who came on that day. With sweat and tears... errr there were no actually tears on that day though... Anyways, we appreciate all the hardwork and the teamwork that were presented was unforgettable.

RESCO "Satu Badan, Satu Visi"

they're all so cute, i wanna hug them all!!
-Celine A