Friday, 1 January 2010

RESCO in 2010

Alhamdulillah. We made it. We breathe long enough to step foot in the year 2010. The first year of the new decade. Sounds new. sounds promising. Why don't we make it a reality instead of just seeing it as a year that just 'sounds good'?

Having been formed in the name of RESCO since 2001, RESCO is still a relatively young and new student organization, responsible in coordinating activities that ensure the residents of the Residential Colleges' harmonious stay. Some may still find it easy to memorize all the names of the past RESCO chairmen and some of the inluential members.

How so? This is because each of the past years, RESCO had done something different, something that could be considered great in their attempt to prove to the members before them that they could do just as good or better. This is the kind of urge that we always need to instill in each and everyone of RESCO members at present.

RESCO is a much different student organization from the others, even from the MPPs, in the sense that RESCO is a student body that maintains a good mix of the experienced old guards and the new members that may just have the new formula to further improvise the organization. Often being the unsung heroes, it is of no surprise why RESCO is no strangers when it comes to getting involved in any of UBD's big events apart from organizing activities of our own.

One of the many challenges that RESCO members have to face is to differentiate between personal and professional ties. This is because, more often than not, it is personal relations that affect the quality of work. Good relation equals to good cooperation. Bad cooperation of course, you fill in the blank. Having said this, it is important to maintain good relations not only among RESCO members, but also with other student bodies and the significant others. Afterall, cooperation with the students and UBD officers is inevitable.

Now entering my third term as a RESCO member, being the senior-most, I've seen it all, heard it all, tasted it all, smelled it all and touched it all. However, despite being the most experienced, Alhamdulillah now holding the post as Deputy chairman of RESCO, I still am expecting more to come, all in the year 2010.

Being the first RESCO of the decade, ladies and gentlemen, why don't we set the benchmark for the next RESCO in years to come. Let us set examples for others to follow, for others to aspire. Not only we will try to improve on the things that we left off last year, we will do some changes as well. All in the year 2010. After all, making changes are just as challenging as taking off from a wrong start.

Lest I forget, I wish every one of you a happy new year.

-Syaza Syazwan bin Haji Suhaili
Deputy Chairman
RESCO 09/10