Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dissoultion for RESCO 2009/2010 and the appointment for RESCO 2010/2011


----video will be added soon-----

12 January 2011 marked the day for RESCO 2009/2010 dissolution and the appointment for RESCO 2010/2011.

Words can't express how we appreciate the time that we had together as one big family, thank you Ak. Abdul Aziz bin Pg. Hj. Azahari and Ruhayah Mohd Azri our chairperson and our leader that support us endlessly without regret and without hate. Thank you so much.

Congratulation to Siti Norlaila binti Mat Wahap and Muhammad Zulfaqar bin Ibrahim as the new chairperson for RESCO 2010/2011, may Allah guide you for your journey as the leader of new RESCO 2010/2011.

Cheers =)