Sunday, 25 October 2009

UBD's Amazing Race 2009 RESCO Team

picture courtesy of PMUBD
Aziz, Eqah, Pinky and Syaza (me) made up the RESCO unofficial team for the UBD's Amazing Race that will be held this coming Wednesday, 28th October 2009. We are going to put on the RESCO polo shirt and use the name RESCO itself as the name of the team. Having said that, we hope you guys to wish us the best of luck for this race.

2 in 1 Belated Birthday Shoutout

A belated birthday shoutout goes to Khairi Abdul Halim who turned 21 last 23rd October. A very quite boy, we do hope that by earning your experience as a RESCO member, you may one day improve your communication skills and find it easier for you to interact with people. Best of luck in everything you involve yourself in Khairi.

Ketua Blok M3
And to our Ketua Biro Ekonomi Bersama Siswi, Mimie Suhaimi (pictured below), that celebrated her birthday on the 20th October. Sorry to find yourself busy during your birthday. A dedicated and trustworthy colleague, it's good to have someone like you to make the team. Currently preoccupied with the Gala Night preparation, we hope with your involvement, it will be a huge success.