Sunday, 24 January 2010

Majlis Doa Selamat & Ramah Mesra Ahli RESCO Bersama Pegawai-Pegawai Kolej Kediaman

Tarikh : 29hb Januari 2010

Hari : Jumaat

Tempat : Dewan Asrama Perempuan (DAP)

Semua ahli RESCO sesi 09/10 dimestikan hadir pada malam tersebut bagi sama-sama bersuai kenal dengan pegawai-pegawai Kolej Kediaman. Adalah diingatkan kepada semua untuk memakai pakaian yang bersesuaian pada malam tersebut. Ahli RESCO yang bukan beragama Islam juga digalakkan datang bagi sama-sama berkumpul memeriahkan majlis tersebut. Tetamu-tetamu kehormat terdiri daripada:

  • Dr. Hj. Ramlee Bin Hj. Tingkong (Timbalan Dekan, HEP),
  • Ustaz Hj. Mohammad Firdaus Bin OKK Hj. Noordin (Pegawai Ugama, HEP),
  • Dk. Umi Kalthum Binti Pg. Amir Muhammad Yusof (Pegawai Kolej Kediaman),
  • Raianon Binti Hj. Abdul Hamid (Penyelia Kolej Kediaman),
  • Serta pegawai-pegawai Kolej Kediaman Siwa/i.


5.45 - 6.00ptg : Ahli RESCO berkumpul

6.15ptg : Kehadiran Tetamu Kehormat

6.30ptg : Bersiap untuk sembahyang Maghrib berjemaah

: Membaca Surah Yassin, bertahlil & doa selamat beramai-ramai

7.45mlm : Bersiap untuk sembahyang Isyak berjemaah

: Ucapan khas daripada Tetamu Kehormat & Pegawai Kolej Kediaman

: Menikmati Jamuan


Tarikh : Rabu, 11 Safar 1431/27 Januari 2010

Masa : 2.15 petang

Tempat : Bilik “Lecture Theatre”, Dewan Canselor, UBD

Pegawai Keugamaan dan Kerohanian HEP sukacita ingin menjemput ahli RESCO seramai 10 orang untuk menghadiri majlis yang tertera diatas. Berikut adalah senarai nama-nama ahli resco yang dijemput hadir bagi sama-sama meramaikan majlis tersebut:

  • Syaza Syazwan Bin Hj. Suhaili (Timb. Pengerusi Siswa)
  • Hilman Bin Ramli (Setiausaha Siswa)
  • Hilmi Bin Ramli (Bendahari Siswa)
  • Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Hj. Md. Deli (Biro Kerohanian Siswa)
  • Mohammad Niq’matul Ghizalif Md. Jinin (Biro Media/Publisiti Siswa)
  • Norefna Binti Abdullah (Timb. Pengerusi Siswi)
  • Maylenie Ling (Setiausaha Siswi)
  • Norhalijah Binti Hj. Ghani @ Ibrahim (Bendahari Siswi)
  • Azizah Rafhanah Binti Hj. Abu Bakar (Biro Media/Publisiti Siwi)
  • Siti Norlaila Binti mat Wahap (Biro Kerohanian Siswi)

Adalah dimaklumkan disini kepada nama-nama yang terpilih untuk memakai pakaian cara melayu bagi lelaki dan baju kurung bagi perempuan.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Ak. Abdul Aziz PHA, Pengerusi Siswa.

Ruhayah Mohd. Azri, Pengerusi Siswi.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Birthday Tuan Pengerusi!

Note: harap maaf. Kualiti gambar kurang memuaskan. Tapi ensem pulang lakat bui. Dun wori.

This belated birthay shoutout goes to Ak. Abd Aziz, our current RESCO chairman for the intake 2009/2010. You're 22 now! RESCO would like to wish you best of luck in everything you do, be prepared in facing the upcoming challenges ahead and don't forget that we always got your back.

Remember that the success of an organization largely lies in the ability of the leader. Don't repeat our last year's mistakes and let's make this year's RESCO a huge success.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Closing Ceremony

Day/Date: Wednesday, 13th January 2009
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: BRIDEX Exhibition Centre

Below are the names of the RESCO members that are invited to attend the ASEM closing ceremony:

  1. Syaza Syazwan bin Haji Suhaili
  2. Hilman bin Ramli
  3. Hilmi bin Ramli
  4. Samira Sambut
  5. Mohd. Syahmi bin Awg. Othman
  6. Md. Nazirul Hakeem bin Abd. Azis
  7. Mohammad Aminuddin bin Haji Md. Deli
  8. Afizul Hakem bin Karem
  9. Mohammad Miqmatul Ghizalif Md. Jinin
  10. Syahwal Nizam bin Haji Yani
  11. Haji Alimin Haji Taib
  12. Edie Ajun
  1. Maylenie Ling binti Tony Ling
  2. Siti Rahimah binti Hj. Md. Said
  3. Norhalijah binti Hj. Ghani
  4. Azizah Rafhanah binti Hj. Abu Bakar
  5. Norefna binti Abdullah
  6. Nurul Atteyia Bathriyah binti Md. Salleh
  7. Norshazleen Aida binti Awg Bakri
  8. Chan Haznoor binti Abd. Hariz
  9. Nur Afiqah binti Hj. Sahminan
  10. Hima Hafizah binti Barahim
  11. Nurfatriah
  12. Mayyer Ling binti Mohd. Tony Ling

  • All are required to wear formal/smart attire for the event
  • Please gather at the Female Residential College by 6.30pm the latest. A bus has been booked to bring us to the exhibition centre.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated. TQ.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

BGR To Finally Serve Its True Purpose

RESCO marks 2010 with a serious start as we cleaned and refurnished Bilik Gerakan RESCO (BGR). Always intended for RESCO's main meeting place, it didn't quite present itself as an ideal place to hold meetings as more than half of the space was covered with pingpong sets, unused tables and tiny bits of rubbish.
That all finally changed, however, when we decided to conduct a full throttle cleaning campaign on our beloved BGR and not to forget, PC Room earlier today.
BGR is finally BGR again (if it ever was in the state it is now). The space is used to its fullest, the room is finally serving its purpose as a, well, meeting room. With the now professional environment, it is hoped that the professional aura will spark great ideas among all the RESCO members.
Block captains' view

Chairman's view

A more professional and spacious set up

A promising start of yet more to come
To those of you who were heavily involved in revamping our BGR and PC Room, big claps and appreciation.

Friday, 1 January 2010

RESCO in 2010

Alhamdulillah. We made it. We breathe long enough to step foot in the year 2010. The first year of the new decade. Sounds new. sounds promising. Why don't we make it a reality instead of just seeing it as a year that just 'sounds good'?

Having been formed in the name of RESCO since 2001, RESCO is still a relatively young and new student organization, responsible in coordinating activities that ensure the residents of the Residential Colleges' harmonious stay. Some may still find it easy to memorize all the names of the past RESCO chairmen and some of the inluential members.

How so? This is because each of the past years, RESCO had done something different, something that could be considered great in their attempt to prove to the members before them that they could do just as good or better. This is the kind of urge that we always need to instill in each and everyone of RESCO members at present.

RESCO is a much different student organization from the others, even from the MPPs, in the sense that RESCO is a student body that maintains a good mix of the experienced old guards and the new members that may just have the new formula to further improvise the organization. Often being the unsung heroes, it is of no surprise why RESCO is no strangers when it comes to getting involved in any of UBD's big events apart from organizing activities of our own.

One of the many challenges that RESCO members have to face is to differentiate between personal and professional ties. This is because, more often than not, it is personal relations that affect the quality of work. Good relation equals to good cooperation. Bad cooperation of course, you fill in the blank. Having said this, it is important to maintain good relations not only among RESCO members, but also with other student bodies and the significant others. Afterall, cooperation with the students and UBD officers is inevitable.

Now entering my third term as a RESCO member, being the senior-most, I've seen it all, heard it all, tasted it all, smelled it all and touched it all. However, despite being the most experienced, Alhamdulillah now holding the post as Deputy chairman of RESCO, I still am expecting more to come, all in the year 2010.

Being the first RESCO of the decade, ladies and gentlemen, why don't we set the benchmark for the next RESCO in years to come. Let us set examples for others to follow, for others to aspire. Not only we will try to improve on the things that we left off last year, we will do some changes as well. All in the year 2010. After all, making changes are just as challenging as taking off from a wrong start.

Lest I forget, I wish every one of you a happy new year.

-Syaza Syazwan bin Haji Suhaili
Deputy Chairman
RESCO 09/10