Sunday, 11 October 2009

Happy Birthday Ma'am!

Name: Analisa Amu
Position: co-President of Residential College Organization
It's 11th October and it's your birthday!! Happy 22nd birthday to our beloved Analisa Amu. Wishing you best of luck in your studies and the remaining days of your tenure as an MPP member. It's always been an honour to work along with you/under your direction.

RESCO Raya Roadtrip Concluded In Tutong

Finally, RESCO raya roadtrip is over, sadly though. It has been a great raya fun with these bunch of cool people. Some 18 RESCO members turned up and joined in the crew for Tutong roadtrip. Before, we went for raya in Tutong, however, we singgah sekajap at Zulkamal's place di Kg. Ayer. Apa nama kampung nya lagi tu Zul??
What's interesting about beraya di Kg. Ayer is we have the chance to experience a boat ride. Bagi orang darat, ni bukan nya peluang yang selalu ada. Nya orang putih, a chance not to be missed. I gotta say, I love the breeze that hit my face everytime the boat cruises with speed.
Anyway, the houses that we visited that day are as follows: Zulkamal's, Mizah's, Himahafizah's, Juen's, Arina's, Rysah's and last but not least, Aya's ( I didn't miss any names did I?). All but Aya, had open houses. Jangan ucap inda kanyang.
Here are some of the pictures during the day. For more of the pictures, ask E-jat or Syaza.
At Zulkamal's before moving on to the next destination

Ko ganya tau tu apa yang ko buat atu Jis.

Time the guys sembahyang Jumaat. The ladies did lotsa things of their own, including.........

Hilmi punya cover album baru. Dapatkan di pasaran sekarang.

I like this picture. It's perfect. This was at Juen's by the way.
With regards, Syaza Syazwan.

Yet Another 21 Club Member

Last Friday, 9th November 2009, RESCO celebrated Hamizah binti Julaihi, our vice-president's 21st birthday. The surprise celebration took place at her own house without her knowing much about it in the first place. Let the pictures do the talking of the brief event.
Mizah (yang menutup mulut nya ah), got so surprised, she bursted into tears. Laki-laki baju purple senyum-senyum atu si Azhar. Puas ati nya surprise plan nya success ah.

Orang kan happy-happy, ia tangis-tangis tia pulang.

Mizah and Azhar begambar with Mizah's birthday gift yang si laki-laki bagi. Guess what? Nama patung nya si Yuri. Pandai you pilih Azhar.