Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oktober Fest For Juen!

Our birthday man for the month of October, Hj Muhd Zuwaini bin Hj Aliyani, a.k.a Juen.
Position: M4 block captain

A really crafty guy. Always gives a 100% commitment when required and loves to work under pressure. RESCO is a team of dedicated and selected people and you just happen to be one of us and we're proud of you. Good luck in everything that you engaged yourself in.

RESCO Raya Roadtrip: Destination KB

Second day of our raya roadtrip went just great, just as planned. In fact, we finished off earlier than expected. Houses that we went to are as follows: Eqah's, Azrina's, laki-laki nya sembahyang Jumaat sekajap, Azhar's, Syaza's (me), Bakrin's, Efna's, Amoy's and last but not least, Aziz's.
Of course, before heading to KB, we paid our due to Maya by visiting her place first. As for the rest, let the pictures do the talking. For more of the pics, ask Syaza or E-jat. Pictures also will be posted here upon request.
At Bakrin's. A candid taken by E-jat, which somehow, I find it beautiful. Warden, buleh ni udah di jadi kan gambar easi kad $100.

A group photo at Maya's.

Pinky looking pretty in.....maroon? Oh well *wink* This was at Azrina's by the way, prior to Jumaat prayer.

Hilmi, although educated, somewhat find it hard to distinguish the differences between a microphone and an electric fan.

Blindfolded and sing:
Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga
Siang ngantuk malam berjaga
Cari cucu di mana ada
Nenek ku kawan dengan anak raja
OK, aku pilih yang atu. Tuu..

DID YOU KNOW? All the 8 houses yang kami aga di KB semua nya open house! Semua orang kekanyangan berabis!
p/s: banar nya ku kan buat opinion poll "the best RESCO Raya Couple" tapi gerenti sudah si Azhar sama si Mizah manang kan. Jangan marah~ :p beibun~

RESCO Raya Roadtrip: Brunei Muara Series

Memang sudah tradisi RESCO time aidilfitri. Memperuntukkan certain hari untuk beraya ke rumah-rumah ahli-ahli nya. 1st November 2009, Khamis pukul 8 malam, kami beraya ke rumah-rumah ahli RESCO yang tinggal di kawasan Brunei Muara mana-mana yang sampat atu. First destination, Pinky's house. We were asked to stay hungry by the tuan rumah the day earlier supaya kami buleh makan banyak-banyak di rumah nya. Dangar nya, ia ada masak.
Wall photo of Pinky at her house, our first destination of the evening.

Perut sudah kenyang, hati ada banyak senang, muka ada banyak senyum.

That evening, hujan turun dengan lebatnya. Memang mencabar. Among other problems we faced were kereta si Hilmi masuk lungkang dapan rumah si Ejat, putus convoy sekajap (ani biasa la) and lag a bit behind schedule. But overall, the trip was ok.

Sesi bergambar beramai di rumah E-jat.

Final destination (macam thriller seram ja bunyi nya) of the evening, Hilmi & Hilman's house.
The initial plan too was to visit Maya's place at Sg. Akar but time wasn't on our side. Highlight of malam atu was the girls sampai hostel ngam-ngaaaaam pukul 11 thanks largely to the heroic attempt by the guys to become Brunei's first F1 drivers.

Credits to E-jat for the pics. For more of them, please do ask for the pictures from Ejat or Syaza. Thank you.